SEO Keyword Hound for WordPress

Stop guessing what keywords SERPs like, start knowing.

Streamline SEO keyword management. Follow your competitors’ keyword use.

The SEO Keyword Hound is the only WordPress SEO tool that tells you which keywords you should be using on your page and where to put them, based on how your competitors already are.

The Hound gives you page keyword use statistics, tracking metrics, and all the tools you need to optimize your page content directly within the WordPress page editor.


Where do I start?

It’s easy!

  1. Assess your SEO needs and choose a few WordPress pages to start on.
  2. Refer to our extensive resources to learn more about general SEO and get the plugin setup.
  3. For those who are not very familiar with competitive analysis, our exclusive 80 minute video course will teach you how to locate keywords, competitors, search queries and walks through every step of the optimization process.


What can I expect from the SEO Keyword Hound?

You can expect a fully-fledged keyword KPI tracker with extensive tools to compare statistics such as keyword density, keyword placement and Moz Page Authority and Domain Authority to those of your competitors.

The SEO Keyword Hound pulls data directly from Google Analytics and Moz, so your page SEO statistics are easy to keep up to date without ever leaving your WordPress dashboard.

How to Ensure Your SEO Success

The SEO Keyword Hound locates juicy keyword opportunities you’ve been missing by comparing your keyword use directly with your competitors’.

As the only WordPress SEO plugin or SEO tool that shows you which keywords you should be using AND helps you manage them, this is the perfect tool to finally get all your SEO keywords in focus and under control.

1. Target Specific Search Queries

Build a list of target search queries you want to rank for. Track which pages outrank you and the best keywords for each search phrase.

Once targeted, you can optimize your content one search query at a time.

2. Find Your Biggest Competitors

Fetch a list of your page’s top competitors by each search query straight from Google’s SERP.

Build a list of competitors and search query goals unique to each page or post.

Easily move competitor lists between pages via cvs file import/export.

3. Create a Keyword List

Create a list of target keywords for your page and add them to the plugin individually or in bulk via cvs.

The Hound gives you powerful monitoring of every keyword and each of its synonyms, spelling variations, or abbreviations on your page in one place.

Track keyword incidence and density in each part of your content, including title, URL, headers, first words and the alt attribute of images.

Keyword Lists Made Simple

Group keywords to keep your list manageable, no matter how big it grows.

Instantly learn where you’re using keywords, and how often.

4. Find Your Competitors’ Keywords

The Hound directly compares your page’s content with your competitors’.

Quickly discover what keywords your competitors are using, where they’re using them, and how often.

Track the success of your SEO optimization efforts over time on the page and site level to understand which strategies work, so you can stop wasting time by targeting the wrong keywords and search queries for your site.

5. Track Optimization Success

Track major optimization efforts and esential page metrics over time.

Analyze page performance as it responds to optimization efforts to learn what works, and what doesn’t.

We offer an exclusive 80 minute video course to guide you through SEO fundamentals and plugin setup, plus in-depth plugin documentation. You can quickly start mastering your site’s keyword use, no matter what your previous SEO knowledge is.

Why Use The SEO Keyword Hound?

The SEO Keyword Hound is an innovative WordPress SEO plugin that locates and targets keywords your competitors are using.

Unlike other SEO tools, it gives one place to organize, manage, and track keyword lists within the WordPress editor.

Only Tool of Its Kind

The Hound is the only SEO tool that directly compares keyword density and location
with your competitors’.

The Hound works great with other SEO tools like Yoast or SEOquake by targeting
aspects SEO they do not address.

Content Quality & SEO

Using the right keywords for your site will:
  • improve content impact and accessibility
  • speak directly to the right customers

Better content for your users means: 

  • decreased bounce rate
  • increased CTR and conversions

See Clear Results

Use The Hound to understand the impact of each change you make to your page’s SEO.

Track page performance as you optimize content, to hone in on which keywords SERPs love, and which ones they don’t.

Super SEO Features For All Users

To learn more about this plugin, check the product guide.

Powerful Keyword Tracking

Monitor keyword KPIs on the micro level (individual pages) and macro level (sitewide).

Unique Competitor Comparison

Compare your page’s keyword incidence, density, and location with your competitors. Analyze keyword use between individual competitors or a group of competitors.

Smart Notifications

Set reminders for page owners to check page stats and regularly optimize content.

Easy Import/Export

Quickly manage keyword and competitor lists in bulk through CSV import and export.

Great Integrations

Integrated with Google Analytics and Moz, quickly fetch essential metrics from each source and put them side by side with your keyword and competitor list.

Team Player

Works exceptionally well with other SEO tools such as SEO by Yoast, SEOQuake, and Moz by addressing aspects of onsite SEO they do not.

Special Benefits For SEO Beginners

Start Small

The tool still works great with just a handful of keywords and competitors on a few pages. Learn at your own pace and find your feet as you go.

Bundled Video Course

If the number of features seems daunting, be sure to watch our carefully crafted video tutorials. They explain every available setting, with case studies.

Comprehensive Product Guide

Our documentation covers each setting in the plugin and tells you how they can be used,
step by step.

Special Benefits For Advanced Users

Execute Complex Strategy

The plugin’s many advanced features give you the flexibility to constantly apply, test, and adapt your SEO content optimization strategy.

Tailored Keyword Analysis

Should the plugin look for keywords inside H1, H2, or H3? Should it analyze the first 100 or 200 words of the text separately? Define
this and much more.

Advanced Changelog and Tracking

Track your keyword list building and keyword use with a detailed log. Track page edit events made by which user, to track what changes are effective, made by whom.

Exclusive Video Course

Every purchase of the SEO Keyword Hound plugin comes with a 1+ hour exclusive SEO video course.

This course will quickly get you oriented on basic SEO strategies and using the tool itself.

Watch below for a brief tour of the SEO Keyword Hound and intro to the video course.


One Year License and Support + 30-day money back + Use Forever.

We stand behind our products 100%. See our refund policy.

Lite Version

Does not include:

  • competitor comparison
  • Google Analytics, Moz integration
  • SEO Dashboard

Pro Version

1 Site License

  • All the features listed above
    + video course
  • Single site license can be moved between domains

Pro Version

5 Sites License

  • Five licenses for separate domains
    to be used in parallel
  • Have more than five sites? Let us know, we do bulk pricing!

* You will be redirected to in order to complete your purchase


What do I need to use SEO Keyword Hound?
In order to use SEO Keyword Hound, you need some basic SEO knowledge, familiarity with SEO tools such as Moz, and Google Analytics installed on your website. We have many resources to assist you with those aspects. Please check our blog posts, product guide and videos.
I use Yoast SEO. What can SEO Keyword Hound add?
A lot, actually! Yoast SEO and SEO Keyword Hound have very different scopes and complement each other. Yoast does a really good job at analyzing single posts in the present and providing general tips. The Keyword Hound, however, manages and tracks keyword performance. It presents historical data on your content and that of your competitors, allowing for more comprehensive strategies. Learn more by reading this guide.
Does SEO Keyword Hound improve my SEO automatically?
The SEO Keyword Hound gives you powerful tools to put simple and complex strategies to action. Components such as the keyword monitor and competitor dashboard provide valuable insight and require users’ input. The plugin also provides handy shortcuts for collecting data from relevant such as Google Analytics.
What is SEO, SERP, Keyword, and Competitive Analysis?
All these are fundamental concepts for any person or company with a website. SEO stands for search engine optimization, the group of strategies that aim to make your pages list higher on SERPs, or Search Engine Results Page. One of the most successful SEO tactics is Competitive Analysis, which involves understanding and measuring your rivals’ strong and weak points. This evaluation takes in account the performance of keywords, those terms or expressions that users used during searches.
Can I customize the visuals of SEO Keyword Hound?
The plugin provides many options to customize the visuals of items such as competitors and labels. To see full list, please check the guide Settings – Metaboxes and Labels.

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